Certification - Attestation

Prove your skills and enhance your career through certification. The NHICC certification provides a mark of technical skill and professionalism. Earn your designation by written and practical field test evaluations on the skills and knowledge you use every day. The NHICC National Certification Program detailed requirements are located in the Candidate Handbook available on this link. The NHICC background review point system may be found in the Background Review Point System document link. The Point System document provides an explanation of "how" an applicant can earn points through the Background Review. Candidates who have not become a National Home Inspector within a 3 year period must reapply to retain their Candidate status.

The National Certification Exams help determined an applicants vocational knowledge in respect to general academic education in the technical field of residential construction and home inspection. The TIPR (Test Inspection with Peer Review) "assessment" is based on performance of a practical onsite home inspection with a peer review. It validates the home inspectors capabilities to perform a home inspection and provide an inspection report related to the house inspected.

This national "program" is open to all home inspectors regardless of affiliation. The NHICC is completely independent providing the same value and rigor required for certification and accreditation as specified by the National Initiative, minus the association influence. The NHICC is not an association of members, but rather it is a true certification body with "registrants" that values independent third-party certification rigor and accountability to consumers. Take the certification challenge and get certified! Others have .....and met the licensing requirements in BC and Alberta.


The NHICC offers more help to prepare for your exams.

  • Get helpNeed exam help?

    The National Home Inspection Certification Council Exam is mainly a computer based online exam accessible through the Internet. The exam must be supervised by someone who acts as your Proctor.

  • CreationHow was it developed?

    Focus groups were held in 2001, 2006, and 2008 and also in 2011.Weakness points to poor communication skills and failure in compliance reporting to meet the Standards of Practice.

Test Inspections

  • Test Inspection & Peer Review

    A skill-based practical exam that assesses a home inspectors expertise in conducting a home inspection.

  • Mock TIPR

    A Mock TIPR provides an opportunity to independently engage in a trial-run home inspection.

  • TIPR Forms

    The following forms and guidelines are utilized in the TIPR assessment process.