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The NHICC is an independent certification body incorporated as a federal non-profit corporation. The NHICC provides a positive response for the continued growth and value of the National Certification Program for Home & Property Inspectors in Canada. The NHICC is built on the ideals of fulfilling the original purpose of the National Initiative, and the core values of the CHIBO - Canadian Home Inspectors and Building Officers. The key stakeholders included - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation , Construction Sector Council (Build Force) and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The NHICC is primarily staffed by volunteers that are committed to upholding the value and professionalism in developing and maintaining a strong national service to help consumers in the sale and purchase of a home and evaluating its condition.

Most prospective clients engage the services of a Professional Home and Property Inspector prior to selling, purchasing or renovating a residential property. A qualified Professional Home and Property Inspector will visually inspect major components relating to the electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, interior and exterior structures. Where major concerns and/or defects are identified, clients are advised of the impact, possible solutions and potential risks involved. Inspections of structures and properties are visual in nature and may include a recommendation for further investigation by specialists when necessary. Specialized sensors and equipment may be used to verify visual observations.


Mail: P.O. Box 22028

Windsor ON N8N 5G6

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