NHICC Application & Fees

The NHICC accepts applications for those applying for certification in the home inspection sector in Canada. There are 3 levels in the NHICC certification process. Candidate, Provisional and National Home Inspector (NHI). The highest level of certification achievement is the NHI. This represents an individual that has met the complete certification requirements of the NHICC National Certification Program. The applications are readily available in the left hand column under the "Application" category.

The NHICC - NHI designation is recognized for licensing in BC, Alberta and under Quebec regulatory administration. The NHICC has also been involved and made government presentations with regards to licensing in Ontario.

The NHICC requires its members to follow the ASHI Standards of Practice or alternatively the CSA Home Inspection Standards as the baseline minimum performance for conducting a home inspection.

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ACI, NCH & Transfers

Since the NHICC Directors have been heavily involved in the development of the National Certification Program right from the beginning and formerly with the administration of the (NCA) National Certification Authority, we are experienced with inspector certification.

Our Prior Learning Assessment provides a process that is fair and unbias for experienced and qualified practitioners to earn the NHI-certification designation. The NCH designation was previously conferred on qualified practitioners that met the certification requirements of the original National Certification Program administered by CAHPI up until mid-2010. The NHICC NHI provides a higher level for certification, thus representing a step well above the current NCH designation.

National Admissions Board (NAB)

Our National Admission Board reviews and asseses all applications to best place an applicant into the applicable category level. The National Certification requirements are specified in the "Candidate Handbook". The NHICC certification process is assessed on a "background review point based system" where specific points are earned for specific education, experience, skills and assessment tasks. The point system is outlined in our document "Certification - Review Points". Review the point requirements work sheet here.

The NHICC National Certification Program is open to ALL home inspectors regardless of affiliation or lack thereof. In most cases completion of exams may be required to satisfy provincial regulations for licensing.

Closing Thoughts...

The NHICC provides an arms-length independent 3rd party certification program for Home & Property Inspectors, attesting technical skills and professionalism. Take our "certification challenge" and become certified to a higher and independent professional standard.