NHICC certification is a voluntary process that indicates that an individual has met predetermined standards to practice in the home inspection profession. Participants that are successful are granted a time-limited credential. Several key elements requires that the certificate holder MUST maintain continued competence as well as annual renewal. Maintenance Requirements - Renewals

Certification Program

There are number of reasons why one should consider becoming "nationally" certified. These include:

  • - Elevate your credibilty in the profession
  • - Acknowledge and validate your requisite skills
  • - Identify your goal of attaining a higher standard
  • - Meet the recognized National Occupational Standard, not just the provincial
  • - Interprovincial recognition
  • - Indicate your desire to safeguard consumers and the public
  • Purpose of Certification

    A certification organization such as the NHICC sets standards, evaluates people against those standards and awards certification to those that meet the required standard and continue through renewal. As a 3rd party certifing entity the NHICC evaluates that person through assuring fairness and assessment in a consistent background review process. Equally as important is the handbook (guide) for certificants. This provides more detail of the requirements and what to expect. Review the point requirements work sheet here.

    In addition, the NHICC provides a valid and reliable practical and knowledge based examination system that maintains currency with the National Occupational Standards. In some cases completion of exams may be required to satisfy provincial regulations requirements for licensing. Here's a link to our NHICC National Exam Test Centre. More about our Examiners.


    Some may ask why? Well it keeps certificants current with practice, it assures the public of continued competency and it increases the value of the certification.

    Who inspects your inspector to assure comptence? Continued competence is the "ability to provide service at specified levels of knowledge and skill, not only at the time of initial certification but throughout an individual's professional career." Certification: The I.C.E. Handbook

    The NHICC maintains an annual renewal process. The NHI is granted to those that maintain renewal status. Currently the NHICC has temporarily suspended recertification in light of pending changes both in and where licensing exists. Further updates will be issued when these changes are finalized.

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