Main Contact

The NHICC is a Canadian federal not-for-profit home inspector certification entity. Our main operational contact is conducted via a P.O. Box in Windsor Ontario.

We may be reached either by mail, email or alternatively by Skype at the following reference points:

  • P.O. Box 22028
  • Windsor, ON. N8N 5G6
  • Alternatively by E-mail: NHICC1

    Skype: clawrens_4

    Contact Names

    The following are key contact names, however, we do not provide their private listings. However email messages will be passed along to the appropriate contact listed below.

  • President: Claude Lawrenson, NHI
  • Vice President: Bill Mullen, NHI
  • National Admissions Board Chair: George Webb, NHI
  • Professional Practices Committee: Wayne Fulton, NHI
  • Volunteers

    Need or like to get involved? We are looking for some volunteers to help, when help is needed. Email us.

  • - National Admissions Board
  • - Professional Practices Committee
  • - Mentors
  • - Report Verification
  • - Renewal/Maintenance Committee
  • - English - French language assistant
  • We are currently reviewing our current list of Examiners. With a few retirements - we will be calling for those interested in serving at a later date.

    Registrant Listing

    The NHICC provides the following list of current registrants. Please note we are currently updating this list.